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What we do

Strategic Consulting

We look at the business as a whole using years of experience. We will see the opportunities for your business and eliminate the risks. We carry out projects beginning from the analysis of the situation, by recommending strategies, ending with execution guidelines. We have the knowledge and experience - we look more widely at the company, which combined with your knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses gives excellent results.

Sales / Distribution

Pharmacies, pharmacy networks, buying groups, wholesalers, are the area in which we feel great. We have been working with Sales Departments for years - we know their capabilities and the daily toil of work. We regularly have contact with customers, we know their strengths, weaknesses and best practices. Any question related to the distribution channel for us is a challenge and a possibility of effective assistance.

Trainings / Workshops

If you are looking for the highest quality of education in the field of marketing/trade marketing and sales - you are welcome to cooperate with us. We carry out projects that we match to the situation and the client's expectations. We use modern, innovative working methods by which we develop skills, look for solutions for difficult business situations or supplement teams' knowledge. We have a wide range of coaches - practitioners and specialists with the proven success in the areas they deal with.

Pharmaceutical Law

Most of our work is embedded in an environment of extremely restrictive regulations. In order to ensure you with a comprehensive service, we joined forces with the Law Firm JONAK, which guarantees the highest quality legal services for the pharmaceutical law. Our joint efforts enable the client to obtain the finished product, safe within the context of the regulations and practices. Working together we limit the duration of the project and facilitate customers work. The firm is a member of the International Business Law Consortium.

Marketing: Rx / OTC / Supplements / Dermocosmetics

Dozens created by us strategies and tactics within the 4P and the analysis of hundreds of cases from Poland and all over the world mean that with our cheeks flushed we accept briefs concerning any brand or company. We analyze the reasons for successes or failures, we recommend evaluations, indicate routes to market and success. Our work is based on a perfect understanding of the category from the side of the patient, physician or pharmacist. We use modern analytical and creative methods. We welcome you with every product, new/mature big/small - we will find the right solution for it.

Trade marketing

The most developing area on the pharmaceutical market. Everyone wants to know how to effectively use distribution channel, analyze it and find effective mechanisms that have impact on it. This has been our job for years. We answer the question what to do and indicate the method - how! Trade marketing is carried based on the created by our company model DCRM&P (Distribution, Price, Recommendation, Merchandising and Promotion). We point out which areas are the most important for your product/business and what precisely should be done in them.


We are a group of experts - our passion is the pharmaceutical market. After reviewing the project, we dedicate it to those with the highest competence in the subject. We commonly reach for people specializing in a particular field/therapeutic category, using our database of collaborators formed over many years of conducting projects: marketing and sales specialists, as well as pharmacists and doctors.

Artur Schab

managing director
+48 608 269 445

Tomasz Barałkiewicz

+48 600 270 333
Close description An independent expert and consultant in the area of sales and marketing on pharmaceutical market. For the last 12 years Artur has been associated with the pharmaceutical industry and has gone through many positions in the organizational structure from the Sales Representative to the Director of Sales and Distribution in the largest pharmaceutical company in Poland. For 6 years he was working for the L'Oreal Company where he participated from the beginning in the building of a successful brand - Vichy by introducing it to pharmacies, and by convincing pharmacists to a good exposure and professional advice of the brand. Being the boss of trade marketing Artur was responsible for promotional activities in pharmacies as well and sales policy and animation of the best customers affiliated in Vichy Partner Club. At U.S. Pharmacia, Artur was a leader on OTC market, where he created the department of Trade Marketing and launched a pro-consumer orientation activities at the point of sale. He implemented a number of initiatives operating to this day such as the journal for pharmacists, educational programs for pharmacists, commercial programs etc. Recently Artur served as Director of Sales and Distribution at Polpharma where he was responsible both for sales of OTC as well RX medications. Artur systematized trade-promotional policy structured around four areas: Distribution, Price, Recommendation and Merchandising (DCRM) thus bringing about the optimization of a number of promotional investments. He successfully introduced a variety of new products and promotional programs for individual and networking pharmacies, and for wholesalers, both on the pharmaceutical as well as on mass market.
Close description Tomasz has completed tens of consulting projects and hundreds of training courses on the pharmaceutical market. He graduated in Business and Marketing from the University of Economics in Poznań, where he currently lectures at postgraduate studies. Tomasz's adventure with the market began with distribution channels - pharmacies and pharmacy chains. For many years, in a growing market, he provided expert knowledge and supported the modernization of pharmacies and implemented innovative marketing activities. The customers, to whom he advised, are effectively expanding and gaining competitive advantage. Tomasz had the pleasure of directing the Department of Trade Marketing at U.S. Pharmacia, which was the inspiration for the use of his skills by the producers. After years of working on support for such brands as Ibuprom, Apap or Gripex, he decided to expand the horizons and became the director of the Warsaw branch of international advertising agency Tequila. Working for the largest brands on the market: Lipton, Algida, Knorr, Plus GSM, Atlas and many others, helped him to look more widely on marketing or sales, and deliver projects based on the most modern know-how. Five years ago, along with a group of experts Tomasz founded the company Pharmaceutical Consulting, where he passionately supports numerous pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies in marketing and sales. Traces of his work can be found on dozens of products and in hundreds of pharmacies.

(Polski) Maciej Grochulski


(Polski) Dariusz Chrzanowski

attorney at law
Close description

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(Polski) Anita Baczyńska

office manager
+48 696 492 363

Joanna Olewińska

Close description A business trainer and coach, with over 20 years of experience in the area of sales and negotiation. In the course of her career she was involved with the FMCG industry as a sales representative working for the American company, Mars/Masterfoods. Next 13 years she devoted to pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, where as a senior sales representative, and later as a sales manager, she worked for such companies as Teva, Polpharma and finally Mylan. As a regional sales manager she was responsible for promoting products among medical specialists, supervising negotiations with pharmacy chains, sales trainings, product trainings and coaching of the sales teams. She spent over 500 days on coaching sessions, performing on the job training, and proposed several ideas concerning collaboration between sales and marketing departments, which were later introduced. Mrs. Olewińska earned a degree in marketing and management at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń and graduated from postgraduate program in business psychology for managers at Kozminski University in Warsaw.

Magdalena Prech


Aleksandra Tasarz-Spętana

Close description As a business trainer, advisor, individual and group coach, and for the past 9 years a co-owner of a training company called Epsylon, Mrs. Prech has combined her passion with a career. Her hands-on experience derives from 11 years of learning the ins and outs of pharmaceutical industry, since she worked both as a sales representative and sales manager in such multinationals as Servier Poland and Astra Zeneca Pharma Poland. She was also responsible for developing direct sales channel in publishing industry. By making use of a wide range of experiences in sales and the interest in increasing one?s soft skills, Mrs.Prech supports mainly pharmaceutical companies in preparing hundreds of trainings and advisory projects in Poland and abroad (Eastern markets). Her primary objective in the projects specifically designed for salespeople is to improve their analytical and sales negotiation skills, but also to teach them effective time management, business planning and sales management. As a co-author of the Manager Academy she prepares and conducts training sessions for managers, which cover the issues of staff management, particularly leadership, enhancing employees? skills, increasing motivation, team-building, recruitment and performance reviews. Mrs. Prech can be characterized as a person with exceptional communication skills thanks to which projects concerning communication constitute her strong point. What is more, she enriches such trainings by using Insights methodology. She conducted many group coaching sessions, which resolved conflicts and improved group cooperation. Her experience includes facilitating employees? development during on-the-job training, coaching sessions for managerial staff of every level, and personal development coaching for individuals. Workshops designed by Mrs.Prech are always interesting owing to the coaching tools and techniques she applies. In attempt to combine a personal passion with her job, she organizes yacht cruises during which the participants have a chance to take part in personal development trainings. She is a member of a Polish Association of Business Trainers and European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC). She graduated from the faculty of Biology of Adam Mickiewicz University where she earned a Master?s degree. Mrs. Prech holds the following certificates: Business Trainer Certificate (Moderator School 2006), Business Trainer Certificate (May 2006), Coach ? Business Practitioner Certificate (EMCC, June 2008), Insights Trainer Certificate (2010), Master & Team Coach NBA & EMCC Certificate (2015)
Close description Master of Science in Economics at the Faculty of Management and Marketing, specialty in Managerial Economics. Graduated from the Academy of Business Trainers and is still developing the skills under the auspices of the Polish Association of Business Trainers. Mrs. Aleksandra has enormous practical experience in the work of a sales representative, regional manager, internal trainer and coach, which she gained in pharmaceutical companies. She shifts expertise and 14-year practice into her trainings, sharing her experience in an interesting way. The classes led by her are highly specialized which gives the participants an opportunity to gain unique knowledge. Mrs. Aleksandra conducts workshops which are connected with managerial development (including team management, the development of managerial competence, coaching) and selling skills (relationship building, counselling in selling, selling techniques, negotiations, self-management). Mrs. Tasarz ? Spętana has accomplished numerous trainings in the field of psychology, communication and methods of teamwork. She specializes in such trainings as OJT. Her latest achievement has been the practical workshop for pharmacy managers in the field of personnel management, which has become exceptionally popular with the customers.

Michał Mazurek

Close description A trainer and a specialist in marketing and trade marketing, strongly focused on pharmaceutical industry. A graduate from Poznan University of Economics and Business. He made his first steps in the industry working for Archikram - consulting for pharmacies. The area of his responsibility included marketing consulting (creating marketing plans and programs for pharmacies, promotional news-sheets and loyalty programs), pharmacy merchandising, and trainings for the personnel (pharmacists, pharmacy owners and managers). The trainings covered such subjects as building patient?s loyalty, active selling, merchandising, managing pharmacy staff, recruitment and time management. Later, he started his cooperation with DOZ SA. As an operations manager Mr Mazurek was responsible for creating and managing analysis department, HR department, marketing department and legal department. He coordinated pharmacy operations through hiring personnel, contacts with Chief Pharmaceutical Inspectorate (GIF), negotiations with drug producers, organizing document management system, implementation and control over procedures, pharmacy refits and contacts with National Health Fund (NFZ). His next task for DOZ SA was to design and implement a training program for pharmacy staff (mainly concerning the subjects of sales and merchandising), as well as to provide marketing support for the pharmacies operating as partnerships for DOZ SA. The whole program included also recurrent trainings for the pharmacy management (owners and managers) which focused on the following issues: personnel management, recruitment, setting customer service standards, managing pharmacy design and in-store layout.

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